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To ensure an optimal driving experience, it is important for you to verify the specifications of your vehicle before selecting a tire.

To be certain of purchasing the right tire dimension, you can also verify the dimension currently installed on your vehicle by taking a look at the size indicated directly on the tire’s side wall.

Here’s an example for a common size: 205/55R16

It is required by the law for all motorised passenger vehicles to be equipped with WINTER tires OR 4 SEASONS WINTER APPROVED tires. The compliance of your winter tires can be settled by confirming the presence of the Mountain and Snowflake pictogram on the sidewall of your tires.

Every tires listed in the “WINTER” section of our website will feature the Mountain and Snowflake pictogram and therefore, be approved for winter.

In the event of a puncture or blowout, it is important to purchase your replacement tire with us to ensure compatibility and a great customer experience. Here are a few guidelines to follow if the need arises.

It is important to purchase the same tire if available. If the model is discontinued, you must select a tire with a similar tread pattern AND the exact same Load Index and Speed Rating. If you are unsure to which tire would be appropriate for your vehicle. Please contact our experts a +1 (323) 489-8466

If your vehicle is All-Wheel-Drive (AWD), tread wear of the remaining tires must be less than 2/32nd from the original measurement. Otherwise, all four tires must be changed to avoid negative effects on your differential.

It is possible to repair a flat tire IF the puncture is located in the tread and IF it is less than 6mm in diameter. In the event that the tire was punctured close to or on the sidewall, the tire is irreparable and must be replaced. If you believe the tire might be repaired, you should consult an experienced mechanic.

Studded tires are a great option for mountainous regions and places with a lot of ice. Studs are small metal beads inserted into the grooves in the tire. When you purchase a studded tire, the insertion of the beads has been done by robots in an assembly line directly at the manufacturer.

A studdable tire features the pre-made emplacement to receive the beads but does not come with it and must be studded in our warehouse by one of our experts. These tires can be used as-is (without studs) or can have studs manually added to them for increased grip on icy surfaces. When you choose to add the metal beads to your tires, the shipping delays will be slightly longer.

Here at Luxury Rims And Tires, we do our utmost to fulfil and ship your order between 3 to 7 business days. During high demand periods, these delays can be slightly longer. If an additional service, such as studding or mounting and balancing tires on rims is requested, the shipping delays will ultimately be longer.

If a shipping mistake occurred and you didn’t receive the right tires and/or wheels, we apologize. Human error can occur, but please be assured that this situation is involuntary. To rectify the situation, as soon as possible, please contact our customer service at from Monday to Friday between 8 am to 6 pm Eastern time.

Our stremght comes from its shipping flexibility. You can choose your home address, your work address, a family member’s address to your tires. If you can’t be home during our regular delivery hours, do not worry. When placing an order, you can indicate a safe location where to leave your order.

We cover a large part of any shipping-related cost for our customers. Once your selection of tires is done, you will be asked to enter your postal code and the shipping cost will automatically be calculated and featured in the Shopping Cart payment total overview.

The seat where the bolts are installed can compress with the heat generated while driving, slightly untightening the bolts. It is therefore very important to tighten them back up after driving 100km on your new rims to avoid unpleasant vibrations and potentially other more serious issues.

If you realize that you ordered the wrong tire dimension or even the wrong tire model, please contact our customer service team at Depending on the status of your orders, a different department may treat your demand.

If, for example, your order has not been shipped and your tires are still in our warehouse, our customer service team will be able to modify the content of your order.

However, if your order has been shipped, delivered or transferred to one of our partners, your file will be transferred to our After-Sales Team whom will schedule a call with you within the next 72 business hours.

The appropriate price adjustments will need to be charged or refunded prior to shipping.

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