Made in Holland

Stepped tread design that combines performance on snow and ice, offering a safer ride during the winter

Vredestein’s “Sophisticated Spike Algorithm” technology provides a better tread distribution, offering better grip on snow and ice and reduces the loss of studs

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The ARCTRAC (STUDDED) from Vredestein is a winter tire designed to face extreme winter conditions and both snowy or icy roads by combining a stepped tread and 3D angular shoulder blocks to offer better handling and stability in all conditions while retaining a high level of comfort. Its arrow shaped center block formation provides additional biting edges for better snow traction and can be complimented by the addition of studs for added ice grip. The advanced tread surface construction offers improved tread life and reduces the loss of studs thanks to their strategically designed emplacement.

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13" inches, 14" inches, 15" inches, 16" inches, 17" inches, 18" inches

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