Excellent performance on snow and ice, both in braking and acceleration

Delivers an extended lifespan

250 studs per tire for better grip on the ice

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The all-new Michelin X-ICE NORTH 4 (STUDDED) is a factory studded winter tire which features new stud technologies as well as an improved tread compound blend perfectly optimized for winter efficiency. The X-ICE NORTH 4 (STUDDED) has been designed to provide better braking and maneuverability on icy pavements, while offering driving comfort and low rolling noise. Strategically placed on the tire using an algorithm, the particular configuration of its studs contributes in particular to the reduction of noise. The tire also features tread blocks of various shapes that differ in length and width, providing increased driving comfort. The V-shaped design combined with wide grooves make it easier to evacuate snow, water and slush. Cracked and interlocking slats on the tread blocks gives greater stability and greater bite for more grip in the harsh winter conditions. The compound of the X-ICE NORTH 4 (STUDDED) is also made with Michelin’s unique Nordic blend, offering flexibility at cold temperatures and remaining stable at moderate temperatures. It comes with factory installed crampons and will be available in multiple dimensions ranging from 15” to 20” rim diameter with a speed rating of T.

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15" inches, 16" inches, 17" inches, 18" inches, 19" inches, 20" inches

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