Homologated Audi, McLaren, Mercedes and Porsche

Equipped with PNCS Pirelli Noise Canceling System

High performance in the winter season

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The PZERO WINTER is one of Pirelli’s best winter tire available to date. It incorporates the latest technologies such as Pirelli’s Noise Cancelling Systems which enables a smooth a quiet driving experience without sacrificing performance and reliability. The PZERO WINTER features some of Pirelli’s highest snow performance ratings thanks to its ingeniously designed tread pattern which delivers excellent braking and handling performances on ice and snow. Its central groove incorporates serrated edges for an additional biting force which increases snow traction. Perfect for premium vehicles such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes, the Pirelli¬† will certainly answer the very specific needs of your sublime automobile. This model is also available with the RUN FLAT Technology which enables you to keep driving up to a certain distance in the case of a tire puncture.

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18" inches, 19" inches, 20" inches, 21" inches, 22" inches

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