New High-end 4 Seasons Winter Approuved tire from Vredestein

Considerable savings in money and fuel

IDelivers superior performance during both summer and winter

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The market for 4-season / winter approved tires is a growing one, with more and more people choosing a tire for year-round use. Thanks to new technologies, these products are more and more efficient and advanced, like the new Quatrac from Vredestein. Numerous improvements, including 10% better handling performance on dry pavements in summer, thanks to a larger surface contact with the ground. The new generation silica-based compound lends itself not only to summer, but also to low temperatures, adhering perfectly to the pavement under conditions of rain, snow and ice. By choosing the Quatrac from Vredestein, you will have a considerable saving in fuel and money, thanks to superior performance, including better traction, due to the higher sipe density. It is an ideal solution for many drivers due to its high performance both on hot summer days and at low temperatures. Its soft and elastic compound is suitable for the harshest winters and display the symbol of the mountain and the snowflake.

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15" inches, 16" inches

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