Recipient of the 2020 Good Design Award and Red Dot Design Award

Greatly surpasses previous generations

Improved braking performance

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The brand new Solus 4S HA32 SUV widens Kumho’s 4 Seasons Winter Approved catalog while at the same time, strengthening Kumho’s grasp on that part of the market. The HA32 integrates astounding improvements compared to previous models like the HA31. It features a directional tread design, favoured for winter use but also perfect for great all year round performances. The 4S HA32 incorporates Kumho’s latest 4 seasons winter approved tire compound enabling an increase of 15% on wet surfaces as well as an improvement of 10% during both dry and wet driving conditions. Its braking performances were also improved by the use of the new compound. Kumho’s engineers put a great amount of effort in optimizing the HA32’s tread design for performance, reliability and comfort. Using once again a V-shaped directional design composed of many lateral grooves, it will evacuate water, slush and snow in an efficient and reliable manner. The Kumho SOLUS 4S HA32 SUV (4 SEASONS WINTER APPROVED) won the 2020 Good Design Award as well as the Red Dot Design Award which is certainly testament to the craftsmanship and incredible engineering behind this great 4 seasons winter approved product.

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16" inches, 17" inches, 18" inches, 19" inches, 20" inches

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