GStudding available for an improved grip on icy and snow-covered roads

Advanced tire design for superior braking and acceleration on snow and ice

Beehive-shaped 3D sipes for an improved grip in winter conditions

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The new WINTERCRAFT ICE WI31 (STUDDABLE) from Kumho is a winter tire specially designed to brave snow-covered and icy roads safely. Kumho decided to incorporate a directional tread design to enhance snow performance and included biting edges within the V-shaped formation for added grip and traction on snow. The well optimized V-shaped grooves helps channeling water efficiently and is combined with multi-directional sipes for incredible ice grip and traction. Its studding provides the Kumho’s WINTERCRAFT ICE WI31 (STUDDABLE) with an outstanding handling and grip on snow and ice. The tire’s design offers a maximal noise reduction while making the ride smooth and comfortable.

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13" inches, 14" inche, 15" inches, 16" inches, 17" inches, 18" inches, 19" inches

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