Studding available for an improved grip on icy and snow-covered roads

Advanced tire design for superior braking and acceleration on snow and ice

Beehive-shaped 3D sipes for an improved grip in winter conditions

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The new WINTERCRAFT SUV WS31(STUDDABLE) from Kumho is a winter tire specially designed for Crossovers and SUV’s. Innovative and great winter performances best describe this tire. Its studdable tread provides the Kumho’s WINTERCRAFT SUV WS31 with outstanding handling and grip on both snow and ice. The tire’s design offers maximal noise reduction while making the ride smooth and comfortable.

The Kumho WINTERCRAFT SUV WS31(STUDDABLE) is a touring, winter tire manufactured for SUVs. The detailed tread design and winter compound increase the ice and snow traction and performing safety. The optimal groove placement avoids hydroplaning. The tire is pinned for studs which can be added to further boost the ice and snow grip. The tread’s constant surface contact upgrades the steering responsiveness and the driving stability, while the shoulder blocks enhance the cornering and maneuvering ability. The Wintercraft SUV Ice WS31 boosts the braking capability by creating friction between the tire and the road surface.


  • Winter Tire – The detailed directional tread pattern and winter weather compound boost the winter weather, ice and snow grip.
  • Hydroplaning – The angled lateral grooves prevent hydroplaning by dispersing water and slush from below the tire’s footprint.
  • Handling – The constant surface contact of the tread design upgrades the driving stability and the steering responsiveness at all times.
  • Braking Ability – The directional tread design and the siping detail enhance the braking power, which decreases the braking distance.
  • Cornering Ability – The ideal shoulder pattern increases the grip on the road surface with additional biting edges gripping the road.
  • Studdable Tire – The tire is pinned for studs, which can be added to the tread to increase the tire’s ice and snow gripping ability.

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16" inches, 17" inches, 18" inches, 19" inches, 20" inches

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