Improved version of Snowtrac 5, benefiting from a new structure and new compounds

Additional stability, better water evacuation and increased grip

Durability increased by 1000km compared to its predecessor, the Snowtrac 5

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Vredestein improved its famous Snowtrac tire and rebranded it Wintrac. The new tire is even more suited for today’s winters by incorporating improved performance in all types of wet conditions, while still driving superbly on snow. It also benefits from a new structure and new materials. The improved tread design features a V-groove structure, ensuring optimal water drainage in the longitudinal and lateral directions. The shoulder blocks contain patented adaptive 3D sipes, extending the total sipe length and ensuring excellent winter performance throughout the life of the tire. An interlocking mechanism in the shoulder blocks provides additional stability and greatly improves handling performance in both dry and wet conditions. The new model offers improved performance compared to its predecessor, including better water evacuation of up to 10% (reduced risk of aquaplaning), 5% longer sipes and 5% more contact with the road, which improves grip on wet and snowy surfaces. In addition, the unique blend of polymers and resin particles in the next generation high density silica compound promotes even wear and better performance, delivering up to 10,000 km of additional durability and superior performance to the Snowtrac 5.

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15" inches, 16" inches, 17" inches

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